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Seed in Contest Objectives: Global Seed Business Policy and Management

This site serves as a location for commentary on the global seed sector and seed industry. Substantive commentary will be a discussion of policy and management. This includes science and technology, business management, business management consulting and business environment analysis. The general form will be that of a list with links to longer articles which will be classified by topic. There is a blog version of the site where comments can be logged.

Seed in this case includes all of the issues associated with agricultural biotechnology and its regulation. It includes all of the issues related to intellectual property and the issues relating to the government's role in breeding, basic reasearch. etc. Any connection to a topic of interest people in the seed sector is appropriate.

Global seed business regulation, policy, management, industry, management, history, Commentary,development, environment, and  philosophy

The site covers the issues which surround seed not only in the US but in the rest of the world also. Perhaps especially the rest of the world, because there is no good policy discussion without comparison. Paul Christensen, the web master and editory and primary contributer is based in the US. He has been involved in the global seed business since 1972.

There is no particular view which the site will represent there will invevitabely be editorial bias. In general readers can expect views which are favorable to seed, but with an attempt to understand opposition to business in general, business involvement in the environment, and business involvement in seed and seed technology. Theappropriate roles of business and goverment are certainly open for discussion. The editorI will attempt to identify the general perspective on which commentary is based. There will be a consistent effort to be objective about scientific issues relating to the physical world. The editor is accepts a fact value distinction and the difficulty of resolution of values related issues in government action and in the management of private business. The editory accepts that when making management and policy decisions, values are necessary and values inevitably have a perspective associated with them. Policy may be based on good science, but decisions in the real world always have a value component in addition to science.

If you have interest in posting material on this site please contact the editor.

Many things that we say and do may take the form of promotion. At this time moment there will be no overt promotion or advertising on the site with the exception of the Christensen Consulting section and the adds associated with the search engin. If it comes to the point where the site begins to advertize promotional material will be labeled as such.

In general there will be new material posted at least once a week.


Paul Christensen, Editor


I am retired Coordinator of the Seed Technology and Business program at the Iowa State University Seed Science Center and Staff member of BIGMAP, the Biosafety Institute for Genetically Modified Agricultural Products. I have also worked for Monsanto, DEKALB Genetics, and Funk Seeds International, which is now part of Syngenta, and worked for USAID in Africa. I have done contract work for the International Centers of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. Much of my technical activity has been associated with product testing and development and the orientation of reasech.  As a University Faculty member, I was exposed to many forms of opposition to agricultural biotechnology and the commercial seed industry. I have developed a special understanding of some of the philosophical and religious opposition to modern plant technology. I have a well-developed understanding of the kinds of arguments used for and against seed and biotechnology regulation and policy. I have focused on corn, sorghum and sunflower.


I am currently proprietor of Christensen Consulting.


Dr. Paul Chrisensen




If you would like additional information about the Seed In Context, contact Dr. Paul Christensen, Editor, at:

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